With multiple experienced production hubs and service areas including Poland and Australia, Inter-Idea possess the capacity to manage and support your complex digital development needs.


PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 it's our bread and butter. Bug Free Programming and super fast web solutions is what we are good at.

High Scalability

We are not afraid of new technologies like node.js and the go lang. We use them to power up your frontend.

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What we do

Inter-Idea provides a full suite of digital technologies for companies that require high quality solutions. We engage deeply with our customers by helping, and connecting them through a variety of opportunities.

Our talent and experience is our strength providing our global partners a unique perspective on the world's solutions.

Web based software

Whatever comes from in your browser - we can do it.

Dedicated server setup

Your solution is slow ? We can fix it. Either by optimising, or setting up new server.

PAAS solutions

Looking for a service for your customers. Good place to start

Mobile integration

Are you looking for mobile solutions. Here we are

API itegration

We can talk with other solutions via API. Or expose your services to others.

Code audit

Feel a little bit unsercure. We can check your solution.

Get in touch

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